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I'll Be Yours - November 3, 2017
I hope you'll check out The Americans' new album I'll Be Yours, out on Loose Music in the UK/Europe and Incandescent Records here in the US.
The Late Show with David Letterman - February 18, 2013
I'm proud to announce that my band The Americans will be performing on the Late Show with David Letterman this Wednesday, February 20th. If you miss the performance, you can always catch it here.
New Website - May 2, 2012
I've designed a website -- my first in almost a decade -- for my band The Americans. Check it out at
The Americans - February 2, 2011
With the White Stripes announcing today that the band will no longer be making music, I thought I ought to explain what's been keeping me from tabbing these past few years. I've been assembling my own band, called The Americans. We've released our first EP, which you can hear in full at If you enjoy the album, it is available for $6 in both MP3 and lossless formats. For more about the band, visit
Site Updates - November 21, 2008
Brokenbricks has a new server and some subtle updates. The trouble afflicting tablature access using Firefox 3 is resolved. I've also updated the EQUIPMENT / TECHNIQUE page and the TABLATURE KEY. Playlists are now available for all seven seasons of the radio show DARK NIGHT BLUES. I found Everywhere I Go, I'm Always There, a terrific live number from the Brixton Academy, lying around unfinished so I added it too.
New Server - October 7, 2008
I've received many reports that Firefox 3 users cannot access about half the tabs. I am working on the problem. In the meantime, I will be migrating the site to a new server. Please refrain from sending email in the next week, as I might not receive it.
Tab Complete - August 25, 2007
The fiery Catch Hell Blues is complete! (And the longest tab yet, at 347 lines). "Little Cream Soda" and "Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn" are on their way, too. I'm leaving town again, but I'll get to them as soon as possible.
Tabs Completed - July 13, 2007
I had just enough time to tab Bone Broke and Effect And Cause before leaving town again. More on the way! Also, thanks to Scott & others for correcting my sloppiness on Rag And Bone.
Icky Thump! - June 13, 2007
In six days Icky Thump will be released in the United States. I wish I could have it finished by then, but I'm heading off to Manchester, TN to see them myself. In the meantime, please be content with You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told) and Rag And Bone. Back with more tabs soon!
Tab Completed - May 10, 2007
Icky Thump, who'd've thunk?
Dark Night Blues - March 15, 2007
I've uploaded the final episode of Dark Night Blues, which aired on March 14. Thank you all for listening!
Tab Completed - October 23, 2006
Have you seen Jack White's lovely Coca-Cola advertisement? It's about time someone tabbed the music to it.... It's The Right Thing To Do.
Dark Night Blues - October 8, 2006
Dark Night Blues is back on the air for Fall Quarter. You can find it on the DARK NIGHT BLUES page.
Tab Completed - September 23, 2006
Matchbox, live at the Great American Music Hall, by request.
Tab Completed, Dylanchords Mirror - May 20, 2006
I tabbed Fragile Girl, a particularly touching rendition from Jack White's Garden Bowl set. I regret that I have had little time for tabbing lately, and I hope to return to it as soon as I can. Currently, with so much White Stripes material remaining, I have no plan to tab the Raconteur's record. Eyolf Østrem's has been dismantled indefinitely in response to increasing pressure from the Music Publisher's Association. Mirrors of his website can be found here at (in the upper right of this page), or Let Eyolf's work live on!
Dark Night Blues - January 7, 2006
My weekly radio show, "Dark Night Blues," has begun its fourth season. The latest episode (and playlist) is available on the DARK NIGHT BLUES page.
Updated Tab Archive - January 1, 2006
Many thanks to Dan for Eyolf Østrem's most recent chord archive (updated 10/12/05) from You can find it on the upper right of this page.
Eyolf Østrem and the Music Publisher's Association - December 23, 2005
Eyolf Østrem, whose impressive tablature website inspired this site, has removed his transcriptions of copyrighted songs in response to the MPA's alleged crackdown on lyric and tablature websites. His work means a lot to me, and I imagine many of you feel the same. Until Eyolf is comfortable restoring his website, his chord archive will be available here. The copy I have was updated November 15, 2004. If anyone has a more recent copy of Eyolf's archive I will be happy to post it. In other news, the Dark Night Blues episodes are once again available.
Home For Christmas - December 18, 2005
I am back from my unintended sabbatical, and just in time for the holidays. If you have sent me email, I apologize for my delay in returning it. I will be reading and responding to my mail over the next few weeks. I have posted the long overdue As Ugly As I Seem, which completes Get Behind Me Satan. I will also be posting the episodes from the last season of my radio show online. In the meantime, I wish you all a Merry Christmas (yes, even the MPA).
Out Of The Country - June 20, 2005
I regret having left the new album incomplete, but I have been busy packing for Glastonbury. I will be out of touch for the next two weeks, so please hold your emails until then. John Winston has been kind enough to host a mirror of brokenbricks on his own server, which I will be setting up over the summer. He also hosts my radio shows. John has just launched his new website, a sort of White Stripes web browser and a place to upload and listen to White Stripes covers. You can find it at See you at the festival!
Tab Completed - June 10, 2005
The Nurse, from Get Behind Me Satan, is complete. A harmonica tab (for the guitar) was requested for Hello Operator, and I ended up reworking the tab.
Album Released - June 7, 2005
Get Behind Me Satan released in the US (and, to my misfortune, without lyrics in the liner notes). All but two songs from the new album are complete. The final two will be posted shortly.

1. Blue Orchid
2. The Nurse
3. My Doorbell
4. Forever For Her (Is Over For Me)
5. Little Ghost
6. The Denial Twist
7. White Moon
8. Instinct Blues
9. Passive Manipulation
10. Take, Take, Take
11. As Ugly As I Seem
12. Red Rain (the longest tab on at 380 lines)
13. I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)
Album Released - June 6, 2005
Get Behind Me Satan released in the UK.
Up And Running - April 18, 2005
Please excuse the recent server downtime. I have contacted my hosting company and am awaiting an explanation. You didn't think I'd quit ya, did you?
Tab Completed - April 15, 2005
I tabbed Blue Orchid, the White Stripes' new single to be released in June.
Tab Completed - April 11, 2005
I tabbed De Ballit of de Boll Weevil by request. I have received many more requests, and will work on them as soon as I can.
Dark Night Blues - April 1, 2005
Dark Night Blues, my radio show out of Davis, CA, is back after a week break. It is now a one-hour specialty show in an earlier time slot. If you would like to hear the show, you can download the archive. (The archive program is still adjusting to new show times, so the first few minutes may consist of the previous show).
Tabs Completed - March 20, 2005
I added Under Blackpool Lights to the ALBUM page. I am not sure if tabbing the entire show would be more redundant than productive, so in the meantime I have been tabbing by request. The two most requested songs from the DVD have been Jolene and Hotel Yorba.
Tabs Completed - February 17, 2005
I tabbed High On A Mountain Top and Women's Prison, by request.
Tabs Completed - January 30, 2005
I added Sittin' On Top Of The World, Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over, and Great High Mountain, Jack's remaining contributions to the Cold Mountain soundtrack. I had almost forgotten about those....
Dark Night Blues - January 10, 2005
I am beginning a weekly radio show, Dark Night Blues, in Davis, CA. If you are interested in old American music, you may like to hear the archive of the show. More tabs coming soon!
Tab Completed - December 14, 2004
I had a request for Outlaw Blues, from the Blackpool Lights DVD. Enjoy!
Christmas Spirit - December 12, 2004
In the spirit of Christmas, I bring you the transcriptions of Jack reading The Story of the Magi and Meg singing Silent Night.
Tab Completed - December 10, 2004
Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues, live at the Garden Bowl in Detroit, is complete.
Tab Completed - December 5, 2004
Portland Oregon, from the Loretta Lynn album Van Lear Rose, is complete.
Tabs Corrected - November 3, 2004
I made corrections to Red Bowling Ball Ruth and St. James Infirmary Blues.
Tab Completed - October 19, 2004
The acoustic performance of Fell in Love With a Girl from the Club Viva radio show is complete.
100th Tab Completed - September 24, 2004
The Let's Build a Home, Goin' Back To Memphis, John the Revelator medley from the Conan O'Brien show is complete, marking the website's 100th tab. Enjoy!
Time Off - June 25, 2004
I am leaving the country for a month, and I will not be updating the site until I return. I will respond to email and continue tabbing then. Thanks.
New Server - May 27, 2004
I am moving the site to a new server this week. I hope to avoid downtime, but there may be a few issues to work out.
Tab Completed - May 23, 2004
Van Lear Rose, the title track, is complete.
Tab Completed - May 22, 2004
Miss Being Mrs., from Van Lear Rose, is complete.
Tab Completed - May 21, 2004
I finished Have Mercy, from Loretta Lynn and Jack White.
Tab Completed - May 20, 2004
I obtained the information for Five String Serenade, performed live at Stor Sal in Copenhagen. Many thanks to all who contributed.
Tab Completed - May 19, 2004
This Old House, from Loretta Lynn's newest album (produced, arranged, and accompanied by Jack White), is complete. When I get some information on "Five String Serenade," I'll have it up too. Check yesterday's post for details.
"Five String Serenade" - May 18, 2004
I am in possession of a live recording of Arthur Lee's "Five String Serenade," which I have tabbed, but I have not determined the performance date or venue. The White Stripes performed the number on various occasions in 2003. If you'd like, give it a listen and try to recognize the show. In other news, servers experienced some significant downtime last week. Please resend any bounced emails.
Brokenbricks Yahoo Group - March 19, 2004
I am hoping to restart our weekly meetings in the Brokenbricks chat to play music, but I want to determine what time is best for us. If you are hoping to attend, please let me know what time is best for you. If you are not a member, you can join by creating a Yahoo account and visiting
Tab Completed - February 24, 2004
Van Lear Rose, live at the Peel Sessions, is complete.
Page Added - February 24, 2004
I created a guide to open tunings for reference. It is accessible from the Equipment / Technique page.
Tab Modified - January 26, 2004
I corrected and simplified Hello Operator.
Tab Completed - January 10, 2004
Never Far Away, a Jack White original from the Cold Mountain soundtrack, is complete.
Tab Completed - December 18, 2003
Wayfaring Stranger from the Cold Mountain soundtrack is finished.
Site Back Up - December 16, 2003
...And just in time for the holiday season. In case the site goes down again, the tab archive can always be found at
Tab Completed - December 4, 2003
I tabbed St. Ides Of March off The Hardest Button To Button single.
Tab Completed - November 30, 2003
My Little Red Book, live at the the 4th Street Fair in 1998, is finished.
Site Maintenance - November 4, 2003
I made a few useful alterations to the site:
1. The Print and Save functions above each tab now exclude all text except the tab itself.
2. The tab archive has been updated to include recent tabs.
3. I uploaded the tab archive to the Yahoo group website to make it available during possible server outages. You can find it on the Files page.
4. now links directly to the brokenbricks Yahoo group.
If you run into any problems as a result of these changes, please let me know.
Tab Completed - November 3, 2003
Apple Of My Eye is complete.
Tab Completed - November 2, 2003
I had originally planned to postpone Upholsterers tabs until the White Stripes material was complete, but there seems to be a demand for it. Pain (Gimme Sympathy) is finished.
Tab Correction, Lyrics Added - October 29, 2003
I added various live verses to Lord, Send Me an Angel, and Citizen Kane notes to The Union Forever. Thanks to Devin for the correction to the intro of Lafayette Blues.
Tab Completed (Finally!) - October 23, 2003
For The Love Of Ivy (live at the Reading Festival) is complete, and it's about time! I am still in the midst of recording, but I will continue to tab in my free time. If you have sent me an email and have not received a response, please send me a second message saying so (preferably from a second account), with a copy of the original message. I may have to begin posting replies on the website if these email headaches persist.
Brokenbricks Meeting, Email Trouble Explained - September 7, 2003
I am going to be in the brokenbricks chatroom this Thursday at 4:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. Feel free to come by and share your music or just listen in. The primary email SPAM control company on the internet is having trouble with its blacklist (its list of blocked emails identified as "SPAM"). As a result, I am not able to reply to email to some AOL or Hotmail accounts (and possibly others). If you have sent me email that has not been replied to, please resend it from another account.
Lafayette Blues, More Email Trouble - September 2, 2003
I have been caught up lately in the recording of a makeshift album with friends of mine. I'm sorry to have kept you all waiting, however, I return bearing gifts: Lafayette Blues is up, for better or for worse, and I am planning to resume our weekly meetings starting next week. I understand a few of you may have "peeked at your Christmas present," as Mr. White might say, but that is to be expected. On another note, due to a universal internet dispute regarding spam email, some of my emails responses have been bouncing back. Please do not be offended if my replies are taking longer than usual.
Guitar Technique Update - August 8, 2003
I added an equipment section to Guitar Technique.
Tab Completed, Brokenbricks Group - August 2, 2003
China Pig is finished. Thank you all for your patience while I was gone. To members of the Brokenbricks group, be sure your current email address is filled in under "Alternate Email 1" in your account preferences to receive group news and events. Coming soon:
1. Guide to Open Tunings
2. Overview of Jack's equipment
Server Trouble, Email Worries - July 17, 2003
Difficulties surrounding the server upgrades prevented this website's appearance for the past few days. All is well now, and I will be getting on with the tabs (I am still checking the page for quirks, so let me know if you have any trouble). It is possible that, for a short period of time, the server was not receiving email. If you have written to me within the past week and have not received a reply, please send your letter again. Once again, my apologies.
Site Downtime and Tabs To Look Forward To - July 10, 2003
I apologize for the website's recent downtime due to server upgrades. The following tabs are in progress and should be completed within the next few weeks:
1. "Looking At You" - MC5 cover performed live at Peel Acres.
2. "Mr. Cellophane" - From the musical "Chicago," performed live on recent tours.
3. "Lafayette Blues" - Found on the singles "Lafayette Blues" and "Let's Shake Hands," with or without lyrics (depending on my success).
4. "Goin' Back To Memphis" - Written by the band Henry and June (essentially Johnny Walker and Ben Smith), performed live on The Conan O'Brien Show.
5. "China Pig" - Written by Captain Beefheart, found on the single "Party of Special Things To Do."
Tab Completed - July 6, 2003
I'm Bored (Iggy Pop cover) performed live at the High Dive in Champaign, IL.
Tab Completed, Reluctantly - June 26, 2003
After months of research and close listening, my attempts to decipher the lyrics of "Jack The Ripper" (performed live as part of "Astro") have been ultimately unsucessful. I am breaking a rule of this site by presenting an incomplete work, but I have been talked into it. Jack The Ripper, everybody.
Tab Completed - June 15, 2003
I tabbed Baby Blue (Live at Maida Vale).
Tabs Completed - June 9, 2003
Don't Blame Me (live at the Boston Orpheum) and Isis (live at the Forum) are finished.
Tabs Completed - June 1, 2003
I finished Look Me Over Closely, Red Death at 6:14, Party of Special Things To Do and Ashtray Heart. Enjoy!
Brokenbricks Gathering - May 26, 2003
As usual, I will be in the brokenbricks chatroom this Thursday at 4:30 PM Pacific time. If you are not yet a member and would like to be, sign up here!
Coming Soon:
1. The Captain Beefheart covers, "Party of Special Things To Do," "China Pig" and "Ashtray Heart"
2. "Red Death at 6:14"
Tabs Completed - May 24, 2003
I finished Boll Weevil (Live at Maida Vale) and Red Bowling Ball Ruth (from the single The Big Three Killed My Baby).
Tab Completed - May 23, 2003
Lovesick (live at the Forum) is complete.
Brokenbricks Gathering and Tabs Completed - May 19, 2003
This Thursday at 4:30 PM PST (7:30 PM EST) some broken bricks members and I will be in the chatroom, exchanging live music, guitar techniques, and earnestly awaiting your presence. Come join us! In other news, I completed There's No Home For You Here and It's True That We Love One Another, which is it for Elephant.
Tabs Completed - May 14, 2003
I tabbed out Hotel Yorba and Rated X (live at the Hotel Yorba), along with Small Faces (live at the Glasgow Academy).
Let's Have a Ball - May 13, 2003
I finished Ball And Biscuit (at 330 lines, my longest tab to date).
Yahoo Group and Search By Lyrics - May 13, 2003
I plan to be in the broken bricks chatroom this Thursday at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (that's 9:00 EST). I will be answering tab-related questions, playing some guitar and hopefully learning something myself. In other news, I wrote a script that searches through tabs based on their lyrics. I hope it proves itself useful.
Tabs Completed - May 11, 2003
Let's Shake Hands and Candy Cane Children are complete.
Tab Completed - May 6, 2003
I finished Black Math from Elephant. Speaking of which, perhaps "very close to completion" was too strong a description of the state of "Ball And Biscuit." Perhaps "It will get here when it gets here" would have been better fitting. I'm only kidding; "Ball And Biscuit" is on its way.
Update - May 4, 2003
"Ball And Biscuit" is very close to completion, along with the three remaining Elephant tabs. I created a Yahoo group called broken bricks for use as a meeting place to discuss the playing of White Stripes songs (though not an open forum). The chat room has some interesting software that allows members to speak quite clearly to each other using microphones, so perhaps I will set up a weekly tutorial including some live performances by various members. Anyone is free to join.
Tab Completed - May 2, 2003
I finished Who's To Say, which completes the bonus tracks on Elephant. Also added to Elephant: In The Cold, Cold Night and Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine.
Single Added - May 1, 2003
I added the single Seven Nation Army to the ALBUM page, and tabbed Black Jack Davey and Good To Me. I also made a second edit on Seven Nation Army.
Tabs Completed - April 26, 2003
The following tabs from the album Elephant were completed: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, I Want To Be The Boy To Warm You Mother's Heart, You've Got Her In Your Pocket, The Hardest Button To Button, Little Acorns, Hypnotize, and The Air Near My Fingers.
Tabs Completed - April 6, 2003
The first three albums, The White Stripes, De Stijl and White Blood Cells are finished. Time to start working on Elephant....
Album Released - April 1, 2003
Elephant released in the US.
Album Released - March 31, 2003
Elephant released in the UK.
Album Released - March 19, 2003
The White Stripes' new album "Elephant" released in Japan along with two bonus tracks.
Album Completed - March 15, 2003
I finished tabbing the Debut album The White Stripes, save a few small edits.
Tabs Completed - February 16, 2003
The following tabs from the White Stripes Debut album were completed: Jimmy the Exploder, Stop Breaking Down, The Big Three Killed My Baby, Suzy Lee, Sugar Never Tasted So Good, Wasting My Time, Cannon, and Astro
DNS Servers - February 15, 2003
DNS Servers are resolved. now works.
Album Completed - February 13, 2003
White Blood Cells is tabbed. Starting Debut Album.
Site In Progress - February 12, 2003
Site is being designed and tabs are being made.