Early Childhood Development & Behavioral Specialist
tel 415.441.4111

        Fiona Zecca has been in the field of early childhood special education for over fifteen years. She was responsible for creating and implementing the first and only fully-integrated (inclusion) special and general education preschool program for San Francisco Unified School District. Its success was due to her collaboration with the classroom staff. She demonstrated adaptations and strategies that would assist children with special needs and children with challenging behaviors in the classroom setting, resulting in a positive experience for the student, the teacher and the other children in the classroom. Also she has worked extensively in supporting families to enhance their child’s skills and increase potential in all developmental areas.


* Master of Arts, Early Childhood Special Education (San Francisco State University)

* Bachelor of Science, Special Education (New York University)


* California Early Childhood Special Education

* California Learning Handicapped Specialist

* California Multiple Subject


* Private practice

* Public and private schools

* Psychiatric treatment center

* Assessment and referral center

Children Served

* Speech and language delays

* Challenging behaviors

* Developmental delays

* Sensory integration dysfunction

* Autism spectrum disorder

* Medical disabilities

* Learning differences


* Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS)

* Integrated Play Groups

* Inclusive Integration

* Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH)

* Sensory Motor Integration

* Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP)

* Discrete Trial

* Applied Behavior Analysis

* American Sign Language

* Assessment of child’s strengths and weaknesses in all developmental domains

* Direct service with child to enhance and strengthen skills in developmental domains

* Home programs, including selecting and prioritizing goals, choosing appropriate interventions to meet goals, and training on implementing interventions

* School programs, including collaborating with staff in selecting target behaviors and prioritizing goals, choosing practical interventions and adaptations, and training on implementing interventions

* Developing behavior plans, including setting limits, establishing reward systems, creating consistency and predictable routines

* Primary caregiver training (i.e.: parents, babysitter, grandmother, etc.)

* Attend IEP meetings, parent/teacher conferences, or other conferences with services providers

* Referral of services

* Assisting in appropriate school placement and selection

* Lending library of relevant resources, reading material

* School in-service and staff development regarding working with children who have special needs or challenging behaviors and meeting the needs of all children in the classroom

* Observation of specific children and consultation/training with staff on individual interventions and strategies to use with specific children

* Behavior plans

* Attend and participate in parent/teacher conferences or IEP meetings

* Implement and train staff how to use Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for a specific child

* Assist staff in setting up a developmentally appropriate classroom environment for all learners (classroom environment, daily schedule, classroom management)

* Provide literature on specific disabilities

* Referral of services